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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School

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Week 4

Fluent in Five

Maths - Tuesday 14th April - Friday 17th April 2020 

We are continuing our work with fractions. We will look at equivalent (that are the same) fractions this week.

What this means is that some fractions are the same as others so 1/2 is the same as 2/4 or 3/6.

Follow these sessions to help you with these.

Science - 17th April 2020

Task 3 


We have looked at how we can make and change a shadow.

Today can you make an object from cardboard or paper. It could be a car or a person. 

Then add a little detail - a stripe or belt on the person. 

Now look at the shadow - does it have the detail?

Shadows can only show us the outline of the shape. 

Watch the video below.


See if you can create a simple story using puppets and shadows. Maybe recreate a scene from a film or book.

TIPS - at first keep it simple - only have a couple of puppets.

Remember you only need the outline! 

Use a torch, lamp or sunshine to light your shadow play

Film it and send a copy to school!

Science - Week Commencing 14th April 2020

The Science topic for this half term is Light and Shadows. 

We will be looking at how shadows are made and we will answer these questions.

Key questions

  • What are shadows?
  • How are shadows formed?
  • Can shadows change?
  • Where will the shadow be?
  • What will the shadow be like?
  • How does light travel?
  • How do mirrors work? / What can mirrors do?


Task 1 - Wednesday 15th April 2020

Tomorrow morning take an object outside in the sunshine and place it on the ground.  Draw a chalk mark around it (if you have no chalk make it's position with small stones.) It is important that you put the object back in the same place each time!

Now note where is the objects shadow.  If you can chalk mark it  (or use pebbles).

 Also mark where the sun is with an arrow.  IT IS VERY VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN DIRECTLY!!!!

Now wait two hours and repeat it. Noting both shadow and sun position. Keep doing this every two hours. 

What do you notice?  Please draw a diagram showing the changes to the shadow and the position of the sun.


Task 2 - Thursday 16th April 2020

What is a shadows?

First we need to understand some scientific vocabulary.

LIGHT SOURCE - something that gives out light -Can you name 3?

TRANSPARENT - This is something that we see through - like a window.

TRANSLUCENT - This is something that light comes through but we                                      cannot clearly see through it. (the best example is a                                  bathroom window.

OPAQUE - This is an object the we cannot see through.  No light comes                    through it.

SCREEN - This is where the shadow appears.

Shadows are made when we have an OPAQUE object (this is an object that we cannot see through) and it blocks out the light. 


Try to create a shadow - Now try to change the shadow. 

How can you make the shadow bigger? But what happens when it is bigger?

How can you make the shadow sharper? (Making its edges very clear)

Use the terms Light source, Object and Screen to answer the questions that I have set above. 


Some of our Easter Fun

English - 17th April 2020

  • Find out about two other Easter traditions eg. Easter bonnets, egg-rolling etc.
  • Make an information leaflet, or put together a PowerPoint presentation, for a grown-up in your family to explain where our popular Easter traditions have come from. Make sure you:
    • Include at least 5 traditions.
    • Write at least one paragraph about each one.
    • Use the correct terms/words.
    • Put in a picture for each section which is labelled and has a caption.

English - 16th April 2020

  • Read the text. again.
  • Look at your predictions.
  • Were any of them close?


Answer these questions: Easy     Medium     Hard


  • Name three facts that you have learnt about Easter eggs.
  • Why do people sometimes paint and decorate eggs at Easter time?
  • What type of animal was the original Easter bunny?
  • Why do children sometimes leave carrots for the Easter bunny?
  • What was the name of the Anglo Saxon goddess of harvest?
  • Why do you think eggs are a symbol of new life?
  • Why do you think eggs used to be boiled hard before decoration?
  • What word tells us the Easter bunny tradition went all over America?
  • In the legend about Mary Magdalene, why do you think the eggs turned red when she saw Jesus had come back to life?
  • What two facts about Osterhase suggest this animal was probably a myth?
  • Where do you think the word 'Easter' comes from?

English - 15th April 2020

Read the following text - Collect all the the words in BOLD. Put them in alphabetical order.

Now make a glossary by finding out the meaning of each word.  (You may want to use a dictionary - book or online) 

English - 14th April 2020

  • Make a list of all the Easter traditions you and your family know about – do you know why we have that tradition? Make a prediction next to each one eg. I think Easter eggs…
  • Make a list of all the special foods you and your family enjoy at Easter - again  predict why do you think we might eat that food at this time of year.