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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School

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Week 2

Click on the white rose link to a maths tutorial and activity daily. 



Below is our week 2 spelling warm up. The children are to do their spellings daily and are very good at doing the 'Warm Up'. They are very excited to teach you how! Daily Spelling activities have been included on the last page. 

PHSE - Difficult Times

Use the attached sheet to have a discussion with your family about the current situation and feelings around this.

Themed Learning- Rainbows

English- Friday 3rd April

Today we have a fun task looking at expanded noun phrases.


The big dog. is a basic noun phrase (The noun is the dog)

The big, black dog. is an expanded noun phrase.

The big, black dog in the garden. is a further expanded noun phrase.

English- Thursday 2nd April

Grammar focus today looking at adjectives. Work your way through both sheets to improve your use and understanding.



Another poem, but this one is about Dragonflies. It has lots of similes and alliteration. Remember a simile compares it to something (as sharp as a knife) where alliteration is the use of the same sound. (Same sound being alliteration!

English- Wednesday 1st April 

Today you have a short 5 minute video about the "Boy Who Could Fly", who just happens to be sprinter Usain Bolt!  Once you have watched the video can you answer the questions on the sheet?

English- Tuesday 31st March

You have a selection of Weather poems to read.  Once you have read them can you answer the questions about them?  

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English- Monday 30th March 

Reading, Grammar & Writing

Please read the story of 'Mr Frog' and answer the questions. Then we would like you to write a letter to Tara.

Complete the GPS revision challenge.


Distanced Learning this week

Fluent in 5

The children have enjoyed doing Fluent in Five this year and is a great way to warm up our math's brain. Please complete one, 'quick fire' task per day. One sheet is one day's session. I have uploaded the tasks for week 2.

Maths- Friday 3rd April 

Time.  You have two sheets with a range of different times on them.  Can you put these in order?   

Is 8 am earlier than a quarter past 2? 

You can either print the sheets and re-order them or write them in a list in your books.

 Today's interactive game is my favourite, its Hit the Button!  Please look at number bonds either to 10, to 20, to 50 or for the brave to 100 

Maths- Thursday 2nd April

Directions-  moving clockwise and anticlockwise.  There are two sheets to look at.  You can try each or both it's up to you.  

The first sheet is about you describing how you move in your house and describing how to get from one place to another.

The second sheet uses the words left/right/forward/backward apart from the 3-star sheet which uses turns clockwise and anticlockwise to locate the Pirates items.


The interactive game today is on mass/weight and has you weighing parcels.

Mostly Postie Online Activity

Maths- Wednesday 1st April

We are continuing to look back at directions, this time looking at Compass directions.  The sheets have a compass on them if you cannot remember which way is west!  The sheets range in difficulty from 1-3 star, so please choose your preferred level.


The interactive game today is on telling the time, scroll down and click on the Bear/clock picture to load.  Select your own level.  1 is the easiest and 5 the hardest.

Maths- Tuesday 31st March

Recap on your co-ordinates skills.  Remember the "across" part goes first then the "Up/down". 

So (across, up/down) smiley  This task has 3 levels of difficulty from 1-3 stars.


There is also an interactive game that tests your maths on capacity/volume.

Maths- Monday 30th March

Try to challenge yourself with one of the tasks below.

There are addition, multiplication, shape and reasoning tasks.

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