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Week 1


Some of the fun we have been having this week


Below is our week 1 spelling warm up. The children are to do their spellings daily and are very good at doing the 'Warm Up'. They are very excited to teach you how! Daily Spelling activities have been included on the last page. We will be doing a class spelling test on Friday.

English- Friday 27th March 2020

Choose one of the tasks below. Don't forget to also have a spelling test today! Let us know how you are doing by emailing head@sacredheart-church.lancs.sch.uk

Comprehension challenge

Verb differentiated tasks

Irregular Verbs

What happened challenge 

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English- Thursday 26th March 2020


You have been learning about lots of different types of poetry this week. Look at the selection of poems below and read a few. You might also like to read others online. 


Choose your favourite poem and complete the attached poem review. Remember to explain the reasons for your answers.



 Firework Night by Enid Blyton Poem.pdfDownload
 George Poem Twinkl Font.pdfDownload
 If by Rudyard Kipling.pdfDownload
 Leisure KS2 Handwriting Poems.pdfDownload
 Life Cycle Of A Plant Handwriting Poem.pdfDownload
 Matilda Poem Twinkl Font.pdfDownload
 R L Stevenson From A Railway Carriage Poem Handwriting Practice Twinkl Font.pdfDownload
 The Charge of The Light Brigade.pdfDownload
 The Crocodile KS2 Handwriting Practice.pdfDownload
 The Eagle Alfred Lord Tennyson Poem Handwriting Practice Twinkl Font.pdfDownload
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You might even like to visit

The Poetry Society



This week is national poetry week. Your English tasks this week will all be about writing different styles of poetry e.g. acrostic, limericks, haikus and shape poems.

Wednesday 25th March 2020

LO: To identify and discuss the structure of poetry in order to plan and write their own. (Shape Poetry)

Shape Poems are fun poems that are written around a theme. They are written to resemble the shape of the theme of the poem. 

When writing shape poetry you need to remember:

  • shape poems describe an object, person or animal and the words of the poem form the shape of the object, person or animal being described.
  • shape poetry doesn’t have to rhyme.
  • try to include alliteration and similes in my poem.

Look at the powerpoint below then try to write you own shape poem. Please send any complete poems to head@sacredheart-church.lancs.sch.uk and they may be included in this week's newsletter!

Mathematics- Friday 27th March 2020


Choose one of the activities below:

Time - matching digital to analogue

Maths activity mat - variety of different challenges.

Number detective - Can you solve the problems?


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Maths- Thursday 26th March 2020

Time Please!


 LO: Telling the time to five minutes.

Motty's Instructions

  1. Set up a large clock face on the floor/ground, numbered 1 to 12 in a circle, plus 5-minute cards below each hour number (5 past to 55 past)

  2. Print and cut up the time cards on the resource sheet provided. Alternatively, read them out, one at a time

  3. Pick a card at random

  4. Make the time by using a jumper (or asking a partner to lie down) as the hour hand on your clock face, pointing from the centre of the clock, and arms stretched out. You lie down and be the minute hand

  5. Ask an adult to check the time on the clock is correct

  6. Continue until you have made all the times on all the cards.


Swap roles with a few of the cards, so that you are the hour hand and someone else, or your jumper, is the minute hand.


This week we are learning about time, you will learn the relationships between the units of time, and other key vocabulary involving time.
You will learn to tell the time (including on clocks where the numbers are Roman numerals) and on digital clocks, using 12 and 24 hour clock notation.
We will be looking at daily routines and time frames, which ties in perfectly with working out you new time table for home learning!

Wednesday 25th March 2020

LO: Tell and write the time from an analogue clock.

Look at the powerpoint to discuss what you already know about time and find out more about 5 minute intervals on an analogue clock. 

Then please complete the sheet below in your Home Learning journal. Remember to number your answers.

Fluent in 5

The children have enjoyed doing Fluent in Five this year and is a great way to war up our math brain. Please complete one, 'quick fire' task per day. One sheet is one day's session. I have uploaded the tasks for week 1.