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Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Primary School

"Let the love of Christ show in all that we do"

Week 6



  • Teachers will ensure that the weekly distanced learning page on their class page has all the information and links for the pupils to access a broad and balanced curriculum each week. 
  • Teachers will continue to monitor and track the attainment and progress of pupils using the Math's Scores and writing produced by the pupils.
  • Teachers will signpost pupils and provide further guidance and support for any pupils who may need further intervention or support.
  • Teachers will continue to adapt their practice to ensure that all  pupils are being supported during this time.


  • Parents will enable their child/ children to access the daily teaching and learning via the weekly distanced learning page.
  • Parents will expect their child to complete the Math's Quiz on a Monday and Friday and will support their child in submitting their name and score.
  • Parents will upload their child's writing and send it to the school.
  • Parents will raise any concerns with the school and will continue to have open communication with the school during lockdown.


  •  Pupils will log onto the Oak National Academy each morning and complete the English, Maths and Foundation Subject content for that day. 
  • On each Monday the pupils will use the Math's Quiz Score link to submit their score for the Math's quiz. They will also submit their name and Math's score on a Friday via the link below. 
  • Each Friday the pupils will submit a piece of writing using the teaching and learning during the week to generate the focus for the writing. This piece of writing will then be uploaded and sent to the class teacher via head@sacredheart-church.lancs.sch.uk.
  • Pupils will complete any additional work for Religious Education, PSHE or other topics and send photos of their learning to head@sacredheart-church.lancs.sch.uk


Can you find all the words that have a split digraph in them? Have you spotted any u_e, a_e, e_e, o_e  and i_e words?

I have done one for you 'race'. Can you find this word in the postcard message?

Click on the link below to go to the Phonicsplay page. You can access all the activities for free by entering the following:

username: march20

password: home


Year 1 children are mostly working within Phase 5


Click on the acorn below for your daily teaching and Learning for English, Mathematics and Foundation Subjects.

Math's Quiz Scores- Year 1

Please submit your name followed by your Math's quiz score on a Monday and then again following the Math's quiz on Friday.

Please send any writing or work produced as part of the daily teaching and learning to one@sacredheart-church.lancs.sch.uk for the class teacher.

Here are your 10 x tables to learn this week.

Religious Education

Holy days and Holidays

The word holiday comes from holyday.  In times past the only holiday anyone had was a saint’s feast day or important feast days like Easter and Christmas.  Some days of the year are ‘holy days’, when we celebrate these special times in the Church’s year. We have just celebrated the feast of Easter when we remember Jesus rising from the dead. The church celebrates some days as holy days e.g. the patron saint of the school, Christmas, Good Friday, Ash Wednesday and the Ascension etc.

  • Choose either Christmas, Easter or school’s feast day for children to record what happens on that holy day. 


This booklet is to help you to help your child to make sense of what is happening with Coronovirus. Please look through the book and ask your child/children if they have any questions or fears about what is happening and use a short time to reassure them.