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Week 4     Topic - The Rainbow Fish 

Listen to the story of the Rainbow Fish. You might want to listen to it more than once if you haven't heard it before. It's a fabulous story!

There are lots of nice activities and challenges that you can do once you know the story. I have included some of them for you to try.

Task 1

The setting for this story is under the sea. Draw a picture of the setting and label the things you can see. Try and use adjectives in your labels eg. swirly seaweed; large rocks; glimmering water; dark gloomy cave

Task 2

Draw all the characters in the book with their names. Do this in the order they appear. Write some labels/captions or sentences to describe each character.

Task 3


Draw your own Rainbow Fish and decorate using blues, greens and purples (you could make a pattern if you like a challenge).

Put it in the window to cheer up anybody passing

Task 4


Draw your own rainbow animal  or

Make a Rainbow Fish collage using different materials or

Paint an underwater scene (if you paint water on your paper first, it will help all the other sea colours merge together and look watery. Let this dry and then add other detail like seaweed).

Do you remember our 5 Oceans song? I thought it might go well with the Rainbow Fish!

Discovering Children's Books


A new British Library website for primary schools

Discovering Children’s Books – uncovers centuries of stories, poems and illustrations, bringing together treasures from The British Library, Seven Stories, Bodleian Libraries and the V & A.

All resources and activities are free!


Below is the link for the Oxford Owl Books.  All you need to do is follow the link and then register (Free) to access a great resource!



Can you sort all the words into groups with the different spelling patterns? Especially the 'ch' phoneme!

Some distanced learning this week

Can you show different ways to make 10p and 20p? You could draw the coins to show each amount you have made. Remember to show the number on the coins you use and to put a 'p' to show that it is in 'pence'.

See if you can learn this rap about the days of the week with your parents.

Learn your 2 x table with this fun song. See if you can complete the challenge at the end. Maybe when you have learnt it you could write it out in your book.