Pupil Premium 2014-15

The Pupil Premium for 2014-15 is £119,500.00

This is based on £1300 for Ever 6 children/ £1900 for Child Looked After Children/ £300 for service family children

This will be spent in the following ways:

  • To enrich the lives of the pupils through trips
  • To enrich the lives of children through clubs ie football/ choir/ FUNDA multi skills/ netball
  • To enrich the lives of the children through Forest Schools Taster Days
  • Sure Start: School Start x 30 sessions for 2 groups/ Family Support for 7 months/ Readiness for School project
  • For an attendance admin support to target all absence and any persistent absentees
  • For a TA3 to target behavioral needs
  • IDSS support for/ 2 statement children/ One visually impaired child/ BESD support
  • Support for 4 x CLA children
  • Pastoral Care from a Chaplain
  • Swimming Kits if needed

The Impact of this Pupil Premium Grant can be seen:

  • More children this year accessed trips than in previous years including a week of Multi Faith trips. Children’s writing improved through these trips. Children’s general knowledge increased and was evident in their RE/History/Geography work
  • 45 KS1 children joined after school clubs in 2014-15
  • Forest schools was targeted at year 2 and EYFS through story. In year 2 this was used to enrich experiences for their writing and also for social skills. In EYFS this was used to enhance speaking & listing and communication through story
  • Sure Start has worked with Readiness for Schools with our nursery children transferring into EYFS in September and this has enhanced CLLD
  • Family Support through the use of Sure Start has helped with pastoral/ family links with Asian families/ HARV support/ 1:1 work with vulnerable children increasing esteem / home visits to ensure children attend and this has improved family attendance
  • Attendance has targeted persistent absentees through home visits raising whole family attendance. Fines implemented by the attendance officer have reduced the amount of holiday leave in term time.
  • A nurture room has been set up, equipped and a TA3 runs support for behavioural and emotional children for 8 targeted children. Children are targeted at playtime reducing behaviour incidents at dinner time so children are fit to learn in the afternoon
  • The nurture facilitates 4 x 1:1 mentoring support to raise esteem and progress has been raised in class with all 4 children
  • The nurture leader runs group social skills time with 6 targeted KS1 children – this has had an early impact on social behaviours/ getting on
  • IDSS has targeted the 2 statement children and given them the required skills from a specialised teacher they need
  • 4 x CLA children receive extra support, intervention, mentoring they need. This has had an impact on all 4 children’s progress
  • The chaplain is used for pastoral support within school

Extra things the Pupil Premium Grant also funded:

  • PRU support for 1 x targeted child which has had an impact on behaviour and progress so the child can fully access school learning
  • Wellies/ extra pumps/ bought so all children can access outdoor learning
  • Sports Kits for the after school clubs so all children fit into a team
  • Baking in the nurture unit to enhance skills and team work
  • To fund first aid training for all TAs/ Dinner staff