Spring 2017

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Year 6 are studying Macbeth by William Shakespeare. We have looked at the original version, modern version and a video clip. In groups, we have been learning the script from Act 1 and acting it out, showing an understanding of the story.

On Wednesday 15th March, we had two visitors to help us understand the story of Macbeth and how to act it out. One of these was our Foundation Governor, Mr Anthony Flanagan. They came dressed in costume to set the scene and they used the original text whilst acting out a scene from Macbeth. We learnt what the original text meant so we could understand the story. It was interesting learning about what time was like around the story of Macbeth. We also had an insight to how it would have been to act out in Shakespeare's time. They shared how they would make sound effects on stage without using modern technology. Please watch the slideshow that shows some of the class wearing part of the costumes and some of us taking part in different scenes. It was a very enjoyable morning.