Spring 2 2016

An exciting week as yr6 and yr5 went to  to the MEN Arena for Young Voices. It was an amazing day as we were part of a 7,302 choir of children. Laura Wright and Tom Billington were there to make the event even more amazing. The beat box collection and Urban Strides street dancers also  made an appearance and showed us some fancy moves and how to make noises with our mouths.

This term we are looking at Ancient Greece we have looked at Myths from Greece and artifacts.(date) 04/03/2016

Year 6 were pretending to be archaeologists and finding artefacts to help us understand more about Ancient Greece.

Year6 are continuing with SATS preparation but we still are enjoying our topic Ancient Greece. This week we were archaeologists and had to find information and facts from a variety of artefacts . This week's star of the week is Raheem Azeem ,who joined us only a few weeks ago.


On Wednesday 16th March 2016, Year 6 had the 'Wild Thing' in who worked with us on maths skills. We worked on perseverance and endurance to solve problems. The children were encouraged to solve problems systematically. The sun shone and the rain stayed away, which was ideal for us as the whole day was spent outside. Our last challenge was to build a seat out of branches and string for someone to be able to sit on. Look at the pictures and decide if you would sit on any of them! There are plenty of photographs for you to see how much fun we had.


Every Wednesday, Year 6 have a Grammar Club. This week we have been looking at contractions such as it's, couldn't, won't.