As part of our Mountains and River Study, year 5 visited Pendle Hill and Waddecar Activity Centre.  

We followed a trail to find all the different sculptures in the woods.  We struggled finding them all but with determination and perseverance we succeeded!

Photos from the Pendle trip can be viewed below.

At Waddecar, we learnt all about a River system.  Due to the heavy rainfall, we were unable to work with the River Brock but had lots of fun paddling and learning about the tributary that fed into the River.  In groups, we measured the speed and depth of it as well as doing a kick test to find out which insects lived there.

Here are our Mountain projects. The children put so much effort in we are very proud of them.

In Gymnastics, we created letters of the alphabet with our bodies. Can you guess which letters we are?

Thank you very much for all the contributions to our Lentem Stalls. We managed to raise a whopping £127.07 This will be donated to our chosen charity, the Make A Wish foundation


We had a fun time in Edinburgh this week. We visited Edinburgh Castle, Mary King's Close , a science museum and finally Edinburgh Zoo. All the children ere a credit to you - fantastic behaviour good manners and enthusiastic : Many tired feet looked upward to a rest at the end of the second day- we did so much walking. Photos will be follow shortly.

                                                        Enjoy the two week break!