Summer 1!!

P:E-Monday Indoor

      Tuesday Outdoor


Star of the week all  of class 3! 6/05/16

super adventure story writing!

Star of the week Tanisha           

for excellent x table 15/05/16

Star of the week Feba 20/05/16

Always ready to learn and always working hard!

year 3 have been learning about eyypt.

can you write your name in these letters.


Year 3 are learning all about Egypt.

We learnt how egyptians mummified their dead, We mummified our own toys.

Papyrus Paper

Year 3 have been learning about  Egypt.

we created our own egyption  papyrus paper using shredded paper and glue.

Egyptian Assembly

On Friday afternoon, Year three presented a special assembly about the Egyptians to their families and the rest of the school. The children retold the story of Tutankhamen with Alisha Anwar playing the lead role.