Summer 2019

We had our first visit to Forest Schools. We had a Bug hunt and a Leaf Hunt. The children found spiders, slugs, worms, centipedes and millipedes. We even saw a hairy caterpillar on the way back!

The children were challenged to make a home for a paper towel. It had to be hidden so that it didn't get wet when it rained!

Week 2

This week we made boats from our surroundings. We placed them in a tray of water to see if they could float - and they all did! The children then raced them down some guttering to see which was the best.

Week 3

The children learnt how to use a bow saw. The children cut a slice of wood off the end of a log. They then used a small drill to pierce a hole through it to make a necklace, bracelet or a key-ring. They used felt tips to decorate it. This was the first week the weather wasn't on our side! It was wet and cold but it didn't dampen our spirits!

Week 4

 What a change in the weather! Sunshine - it was glorious - so we toasted marshmallows on a bonfire! First of all, we had to find a thin stick, longer than our arm to use for our marshmallow. Using a potato peeler or knife, we had to whittle the end of our stick to make it pointed for our marshmallow. The children then had to hunt for small sticks to make a bonfire. A flint and steel was used to light the fire. Some children had the opportunity to use a flint and steel and make sparks - it was quite difficult! The leaders also made popcorn on the fire for us to taste.