We have been reading stories by the author Mick Inkpen. The children enjoyed 'The Great Pet Sale' book. We were very upset to discover that our Pet Parrot had gone missing. The children created fantastic WANTED posters, to help get our parrot back. We found a letter in our classroom which was from the Parrot. We discovered the parrot had visited Tesco. The children have been writing letters to the parrot to find out if he is coming back.

Topic projects

Our project this half-term is focused around plants. Please bring in your projects before the 27th May 2016.

Here are some projects which children have worked hard on...


The children have enjoyed learning about the Olympics. They performed and sang lovely in the celebration assembly - well done!

The children have taken part in different sports including gymnastics, golf, dance and many more...

St Anne's beach trip

The children had a great time at the beach.

Summer party

Unfortunately due to the bad weather we had our summer party inside. We still had fun with our teddies though...

Eid party and celebrations

Today we had our Eid party. We played party games and enjoyed the special food.

Space projects

The children have made some fantastic space projects. The winner will be announced on Friday 15th July.