Spring 2016


Year 1 are enjoying learning about farms. We have read stories about farm animals. We visited Smithills Farm and stroked, fed and held the animals. We even went on a tractor ride and rode on a donkey.

Here are some photographs from our fun day.


Stroking the owl
Stroking the owl
Fun at the farm
Fun at the farm



Swimming will continue on a Tuesday afternoon. Please ensure your child brings their swimming bags to school. Unfortunately there will be no swimming on Tuesday 22nd March.


Save the Children

Thank-you for your support with raising money for the Save the Children charity. Thank-you for the donations of buns and cakes. We have managed to raise £69.



The children have enjoyed retelling the story of the Enormous Turnip. Can your child tell you the story?



We have been watching the life-cycle of butterflies. We have seen our 10 caterpillars turning into a chrysalis and then into painted lady butterflies. We let them go in our playground on Thursday. The children liked chasing after them. The children then felt the  empty cocoons and wrote facts about butterflies.