Don't forget our class trip to Imagine That! on Tuesday 14th March...

Spring 2



This half term our topic is Superheroes.  The children have had lots of fun reading new stories all about Superheroes and they have also been acting out Superhero stories in the Superhero small world.  


Friday 10th March

This week the children have enjoyed lots of new superhero activities.  They have listened to the story Underpants Wonderpants and have made patterns on Superhero Underpants, they have written about what happened with our Superhero Cola experiment. The children have enjoyed the Superhero small world area this week as the animals escaped from the zoo and the children had to make up a Superhero story to rescue them all and rebuild the zoo!

On Thursday the children came back from lunch to find a letter from Freeze Man.  The letter told the childrne that Freeze Man had taken all of their Superheroes and frozen them in ice! They were told they could have them back if they could use the equipment to get them out. Freeze Man left the children some salt, a hammer and some syringes. Here's what the children decided to do...