'Our Local Area' projects are due into school on Monday 6th February.

Spring 1


Friday 3rd February

The  children have had a very exciting and busy week this week. They have spent every afternoon taking part in a scheme called 'Tots on Tyres'. The children have learnt how to use a balance bike which is a bike without pedals or stabilizers. They were taught how to move themselves along with their feet and carefully balance before being challenged to negotiate cones whilst playing exciting games! Hopefully the children will remember all they have learnt and be able to ride a bike with no stabilizers very soon!

Friday 20th January

To continue our Milkshake theme this week the children listened to Mrs Graham read a story all about milkshakes - Oliver's Milkshake!  Image result for Oliver's Milkshake

The children really enjoyed this story and they designed their own milkshake. Later in the week, the children watched a video to show where milk comes from and how farmers milk their cows. They then worked with Miss Anna to make their own milkshake for snack time.The children thought the milkshakes were delicious and enjoyed cutting up their fruit with a knife and using the blender to make the milkshake. Here are some pictures of the children making their milkshakes!

Friday 13th January

Following on from our visit to the MilkyBar, the children decided it would be a good idea to turn our empty role play area into a Milkshake Shop. They were able to say what they needed in the shop and overnight the new Milkshake Shop appeared! The children went into the Milkshake Shop with Mrs Graham and Miss Anna on Thursday and Friday to learn how to be a customer and a shop assistant. they had great fun in there and can't wait to get back in there next week!

Friday 6th January

Welcome back after the Christmas holidays! We hope you had a lovely and restful break.

Our topic this half term is 'The Local Area.'  To inspire the children we went on a walk along Blackburn Road on Monday afternoon. The children noticed lots of features of the buildings they passed and talked about what the shops were called and what they sold. On the way back into school we stopped in The MilkyBar for some milkshakes. The children had to line up and wait their turn, then they paid for their milkshake with their 50p. The milkshakes  were delicious!