'Our Local Area' projects are due into school on Monday 5th February.

Spring 1



Friday 2nd February

Last week we read 'Oliver's Vegetables' and thought about being healthy and unhealthy following on from making our pitta pizzas. This week we looked at the book 'Oliver's Milkshake' and we wrote more instructions for making milkshakes. We each chose our favourite fruit flavour milkshake to make and Mrs Berry went shopping for the ingredients.  We helped Miss Anna to make the milkshakes by chopping up our fruit, adding it to the blender with the milk and turning the blender on to see what happened. Then we drank the milkshakes, they were delicious!



Friday 26th January

After having so much fun role playing in our own pizza shop, reading the story 'Little Red Hen (Makes a Pizza)', writing about the story, looking at pictures showing how to make a pizza and finally writing our own instructions on how to make a pizza we were very excited today when Miss Anna helped us to make our own Pitta Pizzas. 

First of all we washed our hands.

Then we spread the passata onto the pitta bread.

Next we sprinkled the cheese on top.

Finally we put the pitta pizzas under the grill.

Once the pitta pizzas were cooked we were allowed to eat them. They were delicious!

(Did you notice the bossy verbs in the instructions?)

Here are some pictures of us making the pitta pizzas.



Friday 19th January

 After visiting the pizza shop last week, some of the children in class started to role play selling pizzas so we sat together and discussed having a pizza shop as the role play area in class. The children told me what they needed in their role play area and once it was set up they enjoyed going in there and learning how to make a pizza! They are very good at role playing being both a chef and a customer.



Friday 11th January

Welcome back after the Christmas holidays! We hope you had a lovely and restful break.

Our topic this half term is 'The Local Area.'  Please click here to read our half termly newsletter which also shows what we will be learning this half term.

To inspire the children we went on a walk along Blackburn Road on Thursday afternoon. The children noticed lots of features of the buildings they passed and talked about what the shops were called and what they sold. On the way back into school we stopped in The Tasty Grill for some takeaway pizzas. The children waited patiently while the three pizzas they ordered were cooked and Mrs Berry took pictures of the pizza being made. We took the pizzas back to school and shared them. They were absolutely delicious!