Autumn 2


Christmas Party

On Monday 19th December the children enjoyed a Christmas Party. They played lots of games and ate some delicious party food.  The children even had a visit from a very welcome guest!

Friday 9th December

The children came into school this week with a classroom filled with Christmas excitement! They were very happy to see our beautifully decorated Christmas tree and took part in lots of Christmas activities including decorating a Christmas tree with their funky fingers using tweezers and poms poms, making a magical Christmas tree using playdough, pipe cleaners, glittery pom poms and stars. The children have loved writing their own Christmas cards on the phonics table and acting out the Christmas story at the small world area. The role play area has been transformed...from the South Pole to the North Pol! The children have been very busy helping Santa to make toys and wrap them in the Elves Workshop!

Most importantly the children have been very busy working hard to perfect their Christmas Nativity - The Magical Christmas Tree!  Please can parents ensure costumes are in school by Monday.

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Friday 2nd December

This week the children have enjoyed learning about what the arctic explorers do and they loved watching a video of them exploring the South Pole.  The children have practised their cutting skills and have made a moving penguin which they fixed together using split pens.  As well as this the children enjoyed a visit to the ICT suite in school where they learnt how to use the paint program to draw a penguin. We printed their drawings off for them and made a fantastic display in class. Parents are more than welcome to come and have a look at it. It would be great if your child could practice using a mouse and the paint program at home!


In phonics some of the children learnt the letter sounds h b f ff.  Please help them with their homework.

Friday 25th November

The children have continued to enjoy the topic of Cold Lands and have been excited to explore the role play area, dressing up as penguins and pretending to search for fish in the ice.  The children have loved using the small world area where they have acted out their own stories using the penguins.  In other areas the children have been using the playdough to make their own penguins and at the funky fingers table they used sugar cubes to build igloos.


In phonics some of the children learnt the letter sounds ck e u r.  Please help them with their homework.

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Friday 18th November

Our new topic this half term is Cold Lands (North Pole/South Pole.) We have started the week by reading a story called Lost and Found where a boy finds a penguin on his doorstep and tries to return him to the South Pole. The children have had great fun acting out the story in both the role play area and the small world. They have also had penguins all around them! They have been balancing the penguins on the boat in the funky fingers area and feeding them fish in the maths area, making sure they count them very carefully so that they don't overfeed them.

The children were very lucky this week to have a tiny bit of snow on Friday.  The children have been enjoying exploring the snow during outdoor provision. We left a bucket of snow in class on Friday, I wonder what will have happened to it by Monday?

In phonics some of the children learnt the letter sounds g o  c  k.  Please help them with their homework.


In phonics some of the children learnt the letter sounds i  n  m  d.  Please help them with their homework.

Some of the children have been learning to recognise the number 3. Please complete their homework with them too.

Friday 11th November

As part of our mini topic on Bonfire night at the beginning of the term, the Reception children visited Hyndburn Fire Station on Tuesday 8th November. The children met Firefighter Dave and he showed them around the fire engine and spoke about the different pieces of equipment on it.  The children watched as the first fire engine left the fire station and they looked at the automatic doors.

Mrs Berry was then dressed up as a firefighter before some of the children had a go at dressing up as firefighters and trying on helmets. The children looked around the fire station, they looked in the dorms and sat on the chairs in the mess room.


In class we made bonfire pictures, we sang firework songs and moved to the music like fireworks. The children made bonfires, rockets and fireworks with playdough and they also enjoyed role playing visiting a bonfire in the role play area. They made sure they dressed up nice and warm in coats, hats and gloves and that they stayed well away from the fire as they also learnt that fire is dangerous! In the small world area the children  used their mini mes to role play going to a bonfire and using sparklers to make pictures and patterns!