Autumn 1 2017


Our topic this half term is 'Ourselves'.  We are going to be finding out all about Ourselves, including drawing pictures of ourselves, painting self-portraits and making faces using loose parts and playdough.  The children are going to be learning that we have similarities and differences and that we don't all like the same things. We will learn about birthdays (as they are very important when you are 4 or 5) and all about the different families we have.

The homework project this half term is to create something with the theme 'Ourselves'. This could be a painting, a drawing, a junk model or a plasticine model.  The choice is your child's! The projects are due in on Friday 13th October.

Friday 6th October

This week the children have been looking at their families. Some children shared photographs of their families with the rest of the class and then talked about their different family members. We noticed that some families are the same and some are different. We have drawn all the different people who are a part of our family.


Friday 22nd September

This week the children have been looking carefully at their own faces. They have painted a picture of themselves for our RE work. They learnt that God gave them their name and they are special. Whilst looking at their faces they noted that they have some similarities and difference with their friends.


Whilst using the playdough the children have created faces using loose parts such as buttons, pipe cleaners, shell and lolly sticks. Once the children had made their face they then learnt how to take a picture using the IPad. Their brilliant pictures are below!


Friday 15th September

All of the new children have settled into school brilliantly! They have learnt the everyday routines of our reception class, made new friends and enjoyed playing in their new classroom.  They all look so smart in the uniforms. Welcome to all our new families that have just joined Sacred Heart.