Summer 2 2018


Welcome back after half term!

Please click here for our latest newsletter and curriculum overview. There are some important dates outlined on the newsletter and also below:

  • Thursday 7th June - Reception intake meeting at 2.00pm.
  • Friday 8th June - non-uniform day and Sacred Heart Day.
  • Thursday 14th June - new nursery induction meeting at 2.30pm.
  • Friday 29th June - Friendly Friday.
  • Thursday 12th July - Sport's Day (more details to follow).
  • Friday 13th July - Graduation Celebration (10.30am for morning children and 2pm for afternoon children).
  • Thursday 19th July - End of Year Party with Reception (all children to attend during the morning session).
  • Friday 20th July - Teddy Bear's Picnic (all children to attend during the morning session).
  • Monday 23rd - This is our last day. Nursery closes at 11.55am for our morning children and 3.15pm for our afternoon children.

Teddy Bears Picnic

We had lots of fun at our Teddy Bears Picnic. We played games and enjoyed a visit from the ice-cream van. 

Theme Week - David and Goliath

As part of our theme week the children have listened to the Bible story 'David and Goliath'. We retold the story using props and we learnt a song which told the story. We painted rocks and we made delicious rock cakes. The children learnt that David liked to sing and make music. We made our own musical instruments using junk modelling and used them to sing songs.

Homework Projects

Thank you so much to all those families who made such wonderful 'under the sea' projects. They are all wonderful and the children have loved sharing them and looking at them. 

Graduation Day!

This week we have celebrated our older children 'graduating' from nursery. We celebrated our favourite moments and shared our happiest memories. The children were all so brave, using their big voices in front of all of our grown-ups and singing our songs so beautifully. It was a very special day. 

Sport's Day

Week beginning 2nd July 2018

We continued getting to know our chicks, and we have also been excitedly been awaiting the arrival of our ducklings which have started to hatch! Some of our children have been busy hunting for shapes in the environment. The children turned our home corner into a hairdressers. We had a visit from the Library Service. The lady read us some stories about pirates. 

In RE we listened to the story of Jesus calming the storm. 

Week beginning 25th June 2018

This week we have continued with our Under the Sea topic. We have been busy exploring an under the sea small world, naming sea creatures, talking about their features and noticing similarities and differences. We looked at and talked about a very large shell. We talked about what it looked like, what it felt like, where we might find it and then we listened to what we could hear if we put it to our ear. Outside we used junk modelling to build our own boats and then we tested them to see if they floated. In RE we listened to the story of Jonah and the Big Fish.  

We have also had a very exciting week due to the arrival of both our butterflies and one of our chicks! On Friday we released the butterflies into the sky. The children are trying to decide what to call our chick, and we are hoping there might be more hatching very soon.

Week beginning 18th June 2018

This week  we began our 'Under the Sea' topic. The children helped to transform the window area by painting the window blue. During Funky Fingers we cut strips of orange paper and used them to make tentacles for our giant octopus. Our water tray has become an under the sea small world which the children have loved exploring. We have explored floating and sinking, and talked about what we found. In the home corner we have been talking about our experiences of Eid and other celebrations. We have been doing lots of fishy counting and fishy phonics. We have also been focusing on recognising and talking about the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.


In RE we listened to the story of Noah's Ark and used the small world to retell the story.

Week beginning 11th June 2018

This week we welcomed our very own hungry caterpillars into nursery! They grew very quickly and soon looked much longer and fatter! The children explored the lifecycle of a caterpillar. We painted symmetrical butterflies. We have also been busy counting - counting out fruit to feed our Hungry Caterpillar, and sharing fruit equally between caterpillars.


In RE we have listened to the story of Creation. We said a thank you prayer for our favourite part of God's wonderful world. Some of the children painted their favourite part of God's creation.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Week beginning 4th June 2018

The children have enjoyed reading 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle.

We have used playdough to make caterpillars and compared them with ones our friends had made. We talked about who had made the longest or shortest, thickest or thinnest. We used cubes to measure how long our caterpillars were.

The children explored different ways of printing to make caterpillars. Some children chose to print using sponges, some chose cardboard tubes and some chose balloons. Some of our children also chose to use egg boxes to make caterpillars - it was tricky finding the best way to attach the pieces together!

Outside we have been playing skittles. We used marks to score how many we knocked over each time. We also had fun exploring colour mixing and large-scale mark-making using paint in squeezy bottles and large scrapers.