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Summer 1 2018

Welcome back after our Easter holidays. This half term we will be reading traditional tales. Please click here for our Summer 1 newsletter and curriculum overview.

The Gingerbread Man

Our final traditional tale has been The Gingerbread Man. The children enjoyed joining in to tell the story and some children spotted how similar it is to a story we read on Pancake Day - The Runaway Pancake. We weren't sure if we liked the story because we felt rather sorry for the Gingerbread Man!

We did some gingerbread man counting using pom poms and using a programme on the computer. We also used playdough to make our own gingerbread men. We painted, drew or collaged a picture of our favourite traditional tale and talked about which one we had enjoyed the most.

We made our very own tasty gingerbread men - we kept a careful eye on the oven to make sure they didn't run away!

The Royal Wedding

On Thursday we had a wonderful day celebrating the Royal Wedding. The children looked at pictures of Prince Harry and Meghan. We talked about what Meghan's dress might look like. We had a Royal Wedding treasure hunt, designed a dress for Meghan and a cake for the guests, and we used jewels and sequins to decorate crowns. In the afternoon we joined the rest of the school for a Royal Wedding party. Thank you to all the parents who joined us. Pictures from our special party were in the Accrington Observer! 


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Our traditional tale this week has been Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We turned our home corner into the Three Bears Cottage. We made porridge, watching how it changed as it cooked. We used construction to build chairs for the Three Bears. We talked about how Goldilocks described the chairs as too hard or too soft. We explored hard and soft objects, sorted them and used them to create transient art pictures. At the end of the week, the children retold the story using the pictures.

The Three Little Pigs

This week we have been reading The Three Little Pigs. We have played with pigs in mud (gloop) and explored pink playdough with straw, sticks and stones. We made junk model houses for the Three Pigs. We used bricks to build houses for the pigs. We also did some Huff Puff science: we explored different objects, predicting whether we could huff and puff and move them or not, and whether a hairdryer would make them move. We introduced a new area in nursery - our Big Talk area which will provide a space for us to develop our speaking, listening and questioning skills.


This week we also had our sponsored Toddle Waddle to raise money for an egg incubator. Thank you for all those who have sponsored the children, and those adults who came to join us as we toddled around the MUGA. It was a great day! Please send in your child's sponsor money as soon as possible, thank you.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Our story this week has been The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We have had lots of fun using headbands and props to retell the story. The children were able to repeat words from the story and changed their voices as they pretended to be the different characters. We did lots of exploring and talking about size, and we used prepositional words, such as 'on top', 'under' and 'next to' to describe the position of the goats and the troll. We also set up an obstacle course outside where we needed to travel over, under, through and along different equipment. The children used playdough to make their own trolls.

Jack and the Beanstalk

This week we have been reading Jack and the Beanstalk. The children worked together to create a large beanstalk and leaves for our display board. We have measured how long we are using the Giant's and Jack's footprints, and we have explored how many cubes long our footprints are. In our outdoor area we searched for sticks of different sizes, and used words such as longest and shorter to describe them.

The Frog Prince

We read the story of The Frog Prince. The children mixed their own green paint using blue and yellow powder paint and used it to paint frogs. Some children even added crowns to their frogs to make them into the Frog Prince. We explored how frogs grow and we welcomed some tadpoles into nursery. The princess in the story loved playing with her golden ball. In nursery we practised kicking, throwing and catching large balls. We learnt the number rhyme 5 Little Speckled Frogs and we did lots of counting and jumping along number lines.