Spring 2

Welcome back after half term! Our topic is Superheroes. Much of our learning and activities will be based on 'Supertato' by Sue Hendra. We will also be thinking about Mother's Day and Easter during the half term.

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Imagine That! Trip

On Friday we had a very exciting and fun trip to Imagine That! in Liverpool. There was so much to explore and do! We made slime and bath bombs; we painted fridge magnets and a real car and we watched a very exciting science show.

Week beginning 12th March - Science Week

We have had a very exciting week being 'Super Scientists'! We have been using our super eyes to look at what is happening, our super ears to listen and our super mouths to talk about our observations and ask questions about what is happening. We began our week with some 'superhero science'. We used magnets to make superheroes fly across the sky; we explored how a balloon will fly across the room as the air travels out of it; we added Mentos to coca cola and watched as it fizzed and frothed all over!

We also investigated the best material for Supertato's new cape, after Evil Pea destroyed his original one. We tested the strength of different materials and also whether they were waterproof or not. The children made predictions before testing and then recorded their results. We found that plastic was the best material for Supertato's cape as it was strong and waterproof.

We enjoyed a visit from Fire Fighter Berry, who shared with us his role as a fire fighter.

On Wednesday we had a visit from a potter. We manipulated the clay, and used tools to shape it. We watched the potter use a potter's wheel to form a pot.

On Thursday we learnt about space. We made craters using different sized rocks in a cornflour and baby oil mixture; we created bubbling, fizzing planets and we explored the technique of marbling to make planets.

Week beginning 5th March

This week we have been thinking about our Mummies, and how thankful we are for all they do for us. We read a story called 'Why I Love My Mummy' and then we talked about why we love our mummy. The children made cards and painted portraits of their Mummy. We invited our Mummies to a special Mother's Day concert and we were all very brave joining in with the singing and using our big voices to tell our Mummy why we love them. Thank you to all our mummies, aunties, big sisters, grandmas and great-grandmas for all you do for our children! We hope you enjoyed your video messages on Tapestry on Mother's Day morning!

Week beginning 26th February

The highlight of our week was the arrival of snow! We had great fun playing in the snow: making snow angels and footprints, and working together to build a snowman. When we came inside, Mrs Llewellyn made us some hot chocolate to warm us up.

Week beginning 19th February

We all loved reading 'Supertato'! The children were immediately excited about the adventures of Supertato and Evil Pea! We used our small world area and playdough to reflect our learning and understanding of the story. We also talked about what we knew already about superheroes. We practised our speaking skills by saying something that we could do that was special.

On Friday we iced and decorated fairy cakes with sprinkles for our Lenten Stall. Thank you to parents for donating money.