Autumn 2 2016

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Week beginning 5th December

Christmas has come to Nursery! We have been busy practising for our Nativity play, decorating our home corner and helping Father Christmas to make his wrapping paper more colourful and Christmassy!

Cooper's Critter's Visit

The children had a lovely time meeting the animals that Miss Cooper brought in for us to look at. We met Millie the millipede, Linford and Christie the giant snails, Bob the bearded dragon, Stanley the snake, Trevor the tortoise, Bubble the African Pigmy Doormouse and Humbug the skunk. We learnt about where they come from, what they eat and we talked about the similarities and differences between them. Thank you Cooper's Critters for a wonderful day!

Week beginning 28th November

The children used a farmyard small world to tell a story using their mini-mes. We used our familiar jungle story to create a similar story called 'Walking Through the Farmyard'.

In our home corner we had a birthday party in preparation for thinking about Advent next week and preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus. We had fun dressing up in our party clothes and pretending to eat birthday cake.

In RE we have been learning about God's Wonderful World. On Wednesday we talked about caring for God's Wonderful World and we made bird feeders with Mrs Littlewood. We hung them on the trees and we hope the birds enjoy them.

Here are some pictures from our PE session.

Week beginning 21st November

The children have retold the story 'Walking Through The Jungle' using their mini-mes and our jungle small world area. We have continued to explore shape, playing shape games and going on shape hunts. We have also used shapes to create repeating patterns on snakes. Our number rhyme this week was 'One Elephant Went Out to Play' and we had fun pretending to be elephants playing on the spider's web. In RE we have continued to think about God's wonderful creation, and considered how special and that we were created by God.


Here are some pictures of our Funky Fingers activities.

We made a gloop 'swamp' using cornflour, water and green colouring for our crocodiles. The children enjoyed exploring what the gloop felt like. It was rather messy!

On Friday it was our Crazy Hair day. Thank you to all those who contributed prizes for the chocolate tombola and spent time creating wonderful, crazy hair.

Week beginning 14th November

This week we began our topic 'God's Wonderful World - Walking Through The Jungle'. We read 'Walking Through The Jungle' by Julie Lacome. We played in our jungle small world area and painted jungle animals. Outside we pretended to set up a jungle camp and go exploring for tigers, monkeys, lions and giraffes. We learnt a number rhyme about '5 Little Monkeys'.


Our Maths focus has been shape. We have played shape games and looked for shapes in the environment. We are learning 2D shape names and are beginning to think about the properties of shapes, such as number of sides and corners.


On Friday our morning children had fun playing in the snow. It was a bit too wet to build a snowman but we enjoyed scooping it up into piles and moving it around in our big trucks. We also enjoyed looking at the marks our feet and the pram wheels made in the snow.

Week beginning 7th November

This week our theme has been bonfire night. We had dark blue, glittery water in our water tray, rainbow oats to scoop and pour, transient firework art and a fire fighter's small world area. We sang firework songs and learnt a number rhyme about 5 Little Rockets.

Outside we explored powder paint in the tuff spot. We watched what happened as we mixed the different coloured powders together, and then what happened when we added water using our spray bottles.

Here are some pictures from Funky Fingers.

This week we started our PE sessions in the Hall. We practised moving around in the space available and then stopping on a signal and finding a space away from anyone else. We also tried balancing something on our head, and then balancing along the yellow lines on the floor.

On Friday 11th November at 11 a.m. we stopped and observed the 2 minute silence. We were so quiet we heard the cannon fire in Accrington! We then watched the CBeebies clip about poppies.