Autumn 1 2017

We have been so pleased to welcome our new children into Nursery, as well as welcoming back some of our older children, and are excited about the year ahead! This half term we will spend time getting to know each other, settling in and becoming familiar with new routines. Our theme over the half term is All About Me.  We will learn about our bodies, our families, our feelings and our senses. Please click here for our newsletter and here for our curriculum overview.Towards the end of term we will also learn about the Police and we will enjoy a theme week about Diwali - more on this to come!


Week beginning 23rd October

This week we have been learning about the Hindu festival of Diwali. We listened to the story of Rama and Sita; we made diva lamps using playdough and clay; we made window rangoli patterns; we used bricks to build Hindu temples; we drew around our hands and decorated them with Mendhi patterns; we made coconut ice sweets.

Week beginning 16th October

This week we have enjoyed our mini topic all about the Police. We dressed up and role-played in our outdoor police station; we explored finger prints and mark-making in talcum powder; we built stories and scenarios using our small world; and we met some real police officers.

Week beginning 9th October

It's been a busy week in nursery! Following on from our children's interests, we created an ice cream parlour in which the children could explore the role of shopkeeper and customer - we all enjoyed visiting for an ice-cream! Some of the prices were a little high though - my ice-cream cost me £20!

We also had lots of fun going on a leaf hunt and exploring the different types and colours of leaves. We had a special visit from a dancer who helped us to move like the swirling leaves falling from the trees.

As part of the 'Ourselves' topic we also explored our senses - taste, smell, touch, seeing and hearing.

Week beginning 2nd October

This week we have been talking about our families. We have shared family photos and talked about who is in our family and what we enjoy doing together. We drew pictures of our families. 

In the water area we bathed babies.

We counted little people and matched them to the correct number house.

We learnt how to mix our own powder paint in the paint area.

We also explored paint outside using large brushes and scrapers.

The children have also been thinking about Autumn and we have enjoyed using an Autumn exploration tuff spot as well as sweeping up leaves and using our gardening equipment.

On Friday we noticed that the apples on our apple tree were ripe and ready to eat. Mrs Llewellyn washed and chopped them up and we all enjoyed sharing them - they were very crunchy and tasty!

Over our first few weeks we have been busy getting to know each other, making friends and becoming familiar with the different areas within nursery.

We are getting used to snack time too. Each day we can choose when we have snack, and we select our photo, wash our hands and then get our drink and fruit. 

We have also been enjoying our outside area. We are trying to become independent in getting ready to play outside by putting on our fleeces, waterproofs and wellies on our own. Outside we have explored our mud kitchen, have enjoyed water play, building dens and playing ball games.

At the start of our session we take part in Funky Fingers activities which help to strengthen our fingers and develop our fine motor skills in preparation for learning to write. Here are some pictures of our activities from our first couple of weeks.

As part of our 'All about me' topic we have been drawing and making pictures of ourselves, thinking about the colour of our eyes and hair. We have also used playdough and loose parts to create faces in a different way.